Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Mollie is learning sign language at daycare.  She has really only mastered one sign, bottle.  It's no shock that my child would pick up on the sign for food first.  That's my girl!

Normally, I find this new found skill to be quite helpful.

However last night, she kept signing 'bottle' but I was trying to feed her solid food.  I made oatmeal for her and used milk, and told her...look...milk is going IN your food.

Yes, I have full conversations with my child and expect her to understand what I'm saying.

No, I don't believe in any form of baby talk so we don't use phrases like "paci, ba-ba or milkey". Sorry. That just drives me nuts.  We say pacifier, bottle and milk.

Anyways, as I was explaining to her the logic that since milk was going in her oatmeal, that she didn't need a bottle... my husband reminded me that:
A. She has no idea what I am saying
B. If you want water, Jello is not going to satisfy the urge (and so, therefore, if you want milk, oatmeal just isn't going to cut it)

Good point Mr. Frank...good point.

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