Monday, August 12, 2013


My child is a hoarder - a Cheerios hoarder.

They are her absolute favorite food.

She loves them, and loves to share them with her dogs.

She holds her Cheerios tightly in her hands as though it's the last one she will ever get. She clings to them and treasures every Cheerio. (note: we give her as many as she wants, it's not like she is Cheerio deprived)

Today she was a little under the weather so she stayed home from daycare. We put her in her highchair for breakfast, gave her some Cheerios and watched the Today show.

She excitedly ate them and then fell asleep with one in her mouth.

Breakfast in bed
 I moved her up to her crib because that didn't seem like the best place to nap.  She slept hard for almost 3 hours and then woke up looking like she had been out partying all night.

And then we found this in her crib.  A cheerio. Yep, the hoarder clung so hard to her Cheerio that she held it in her hands for 3 hours while napping.

I'm actually most surprised that she didn't eat it when she woke up. A warm, pre-softened Cheerio with 3 hours of nap sweat. Delish.

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Robyn said...

I did not think that is possible to love Mollie more than I already do... then I read your post about her loving Cheerios!! That's my girl!! They are an amazingly good cereal I can see why she would want to hoard them.