Thursday, August 22, 2013

She's on the move

First she was sitting up. 
Then crawling. 
And she skipped walking and moved on to driving.
I know you're not supposed to spoil your child, but really, we are not.  
We waited a whole 9.5 months before buying her a car.  
She's waited long enough. 
It's time she learns to drive.

Plus, those runs to daycare and back are exhausting.  Now, she can roll in, in style. 

(Public service announcement: this is not our car. We are not so crazy that we got our child's name imprinted on our license plate. It is a random person in the Target parking lot's car.  Sorry random person, but you have my child's nick name on your car. Therefore it must be photographed.  If anyone out there has a license plate that reads any of the following: Toots McGee, Moll McGinty, Monkey Moo, MolMol or Bunny Bean, I will also photograph your license plate.  And wonder why you have a license plate that says Toots McGee.)


Unknown said...
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Kara Frank said...

Brilliant Laura!

Unknown said...

How funny! I'll definitely have to look into those if/when we ever need a new license plate. In the meantime, maybe we can let the two kiddos carpool to wherever they feel like going and we can just sit back and enjoy a glass of wine? Calvin likes to drive, too

Scorpicon said...

Now I want to get a license plate that says "Toots McGee"! Except we're limited to 7 characters, so it'd just be "TTSMGEE".