Friday, October 18, 2013

Recipe Friday

So remember like 3 weeks ago how I said I was really trying to bring some structure to my blog? Well, I didn't follow through with that.  But I'm going to rekindle that attempt for today.

Recipe Friday.

This is less of a recipe, more of an concept.  Which I stole from a friend of mine who is a great cook, and who also just started a blog of her own!

It's like a horizontal layered salad. You can put anything in it, my version was Fall themed.  It's particularly good if you have picky people in your midst. You can mix just certain portions for them. Or kids...and you can pick off the portions they can eat.  We fed this salad to Mollie and she ate everything.

And so....Horizontal Salad (I should think of a better name)
My version was....
*Roasted butternut squash
*Candied Walnuts

You could do a summery one that was:
*Grilled peaches
*Grilled bread

Even a Greek Salad prepared this way:

Lots of varieties!

I hope you all had a good week.  My child got in trouble at school this week for hitting the other kids.  My wise brother in law reminded us that, "Franks don't start fights, we finish fights".  We explained that to Mollie.  I think she understands now. She whacked me in agreement.

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