Monday, October 14, 2013

She's mine.

Miss Mollie, she's mine.  She's just like me. There's no doubt where this kid comes from.  She looks like her Dad, but her personality, just like me.

When I was in elementary school my teacher called my mom one day to complain about me because I was 'giggling in class'.  My mom laughed and told him to call her back when there was a real concern.  Laughing is not a problem.

And today, I look at baby connect (aka the greatest app ever created) which our daycare now utilizes as well and find the following update:

Mini Kara.  Laughing. Her body won't stop moving.  She's all me! 

Proud mama.


Unknown said...


The Bennetts said...

I think back to our days at MHA, we had some pretty good laughs and I can only imagine how adorable it must be when Mollie does it!!

On a side note, we absolutely LOVE daily connect. We even us it at home to keep track of things!

Robyn said...

Ditto on the Baby Connect!!! I am SO glad you told me to buy it!

Just wait until she's older and the two of you will be giggling at inappropriate times and places together. It will be fantastic!!!!!