Tuesday, November 19, 2013

12 monther

Inspired by a blog that I follow, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about my sweet little girl at age 12 months.

Mollie Cate is just over 12 months old and oh, what a personality she has.  I don't think I realized how much personality people have, right from the start.  Mollie is sweet, and lovable. She loves tight hugs and kisses on the cheek. She will try to kiss you back but she just opens her mouth and tries to suck on your face.  She just learned how to blow a kiss and it will melt your heart. 

She is sassy. Very sassy. She will tell you what she wants, and what she doesn't want.  

She has some party tricks.  She claps along to 'If you're happy and you know it', she knows all of the hand and body motions to 'The Wheels on the Bus' (i.e. wheels with her hand, bumping up and down & the wipers back and forth).  She knows how to hide her face when you say 'peekaboo'. She knows the sign language signs for milk, food, sleep and all done. 

Mollie has two main facial expressions: skeptical and happy.  The first expression comes directly from her father. 

She babbles "dada" all day long. It started as "dadadada", an ongoing chant.  It has evolved into "dada" as she points at an object.  This object may be a random man in a store, a vase, a diaper....they're all "dada". Jeremy thinks that all of those things just remind her of him. I disagree.

She is feisty and she can hold her own. The boys at daycare know they can't mess with MollMoll. She is not delicate.  She's sweet but tough.

Moll's interest include: her dog Stanley, cookies, corn tamales, cell phones, her small red wagon, whole green beans and shoes.  Mollie is not walking yet, but she took her first steps on November 13.  She took three little steps forward into our arms and Jeremy and I screamed so loud we scared her into thinking she did something wrong.  Nothing wrong little girl, just growing up too fast.

She loves her red wagon. Love, loves her red wagon.  Every night she takes her cow dressed in a tutu, and Monkey wearing a Mollie shirt out of the wagon and climbs in. I think she would prefer to sleep in her red wagon. 

MollMoll has an awesome tush.  She's going to hate me someday for writing this, but the girl has the most amazing little tush.  Her teachers at daycare taught her the "Jump Jump shake your booty" song and she can do the booty dance on command. It's amazing.  It's viral video worthy. 

The girl is sweeter than pie if she loves you.  She's cold as ice if she's scared of you.  She dislikes the amazingly sweet music teacher at daycare. She is mildly obsessed with my friend Debra. 

She naps with her tush in the air and sleeps so hard her knees and cheek are red in the morning.  She has never been the world's best sleeper, nor the world's worst sleeper.  She's an average sleeper. Average sleeper but an above average eater.  That's my girl.

So that's a little bit about our girl.  She's a pretty cool kid if I do say so myself. If she wasn't my daughter, I would want to be her friend. 

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