Wednesday, November 20, 2013


So, my family does not celebrate Christmas because we are Jewish.  I have many Christian friends, I love them very much, I think Christmas sounds like a lovely holiday, but we do not celebrate it.
No biggie.
It's an extra day off work to enjoy some Chinese food, a movie and relaxation.
No, I'm not sad that I don't celebrate Christmas.
No, I've never been sad about it.
No, we don't put up a Christmas tree.
Nope, not even a white and blue one.
No, those are not intended for the "Jewish families to celebrate Christmas" as so many people have tried to convince me.
Yes, I do eat Christmas cookies when my friend Stacy makes them.
Why? Because they're delicious and if there's one things Jews do's delicious food.

Because we do not celebrate this holiday, there are some things that I will never understand. And will always need to phone-a-friend to explain the reason for various Christmas traditions. Just because I don't celebrate the holiday doesn't mean I should be ignorant about it's meaning.

Last night...the phone-a-friend Stacy was brought in to explain the meaning of Carmen Christmas.
Look at the stocking on the far right
And we was a typo.  She could find no reason why the stocking would say "Carmen Christmas".  Is that true? A typo?

And the most recent "Thing I don't understand about Christmas"

Why might someone want to decorate their toilet like Santa or Mrs. Claus?  I mean, sure, it's a good deal, 60% off. Woo hoo.  But I don't really want to dress my toilet us as anything but...uh, a toilet.  Seems like it does a pretty good job just as it is.  As a white porcelain bowl.  I don't think Santa wants what is goin' in there. 

I'm just sayin'. 

Maybe I'm missing something.


Unknown said...

My thoughts on Carmen Christmas:

Carmen Christmas is a special tradition created by the publishers of that magazine, in which you buy a smaller-than-average extra stocking to hang on your mantle. After everyone is done opening their own stockings, you hide the Carmen Christmas stocking and everyone goes to hunt for it (think "Where in the House is the Carmen [Christmas] Sandiego," or something reminiscent of Easter egg hunting - aren't these publishers clever to combine the two?!). Anyway, to the victor goes the spoils, in yet another celebration of materialism in lieu of anything spiritual about Christmas.

Or..... it's a typo. I'll you decide!

Unknown said...

Sigh. If you hadn't already, I think I just solved the mystery of the stocking: it actually says "Carmen - 1st Christmas" and is for sale like that. Apparently people buy new stockings every year? News to me.

There really is no excuse for the toilet seat cover, though.