Thursday, November 14, 2013


Thanks to my amazing parents, we were able to take a little trip out of town last weekend with our friends.  We purchased a trip at a benefit for the local Children's Hospital. After Mollie's trip to the hospital last year, I was willing to donate my life savings to these people.

So we purchased a trip to the Napa Valley in California.

And it was lovely and amazing.

And I brought home a souvenir.
Very tall chef
Yes, I purchased a very tall chef in Napa.

Why you may ask? Well, because it's not every day that you see an extremely tall wooden chef statute.  And when you find one, it seems like something you should own.

I mean seriously, doesn't Marcel (that is what we named him) just make you laugh? The 'stache. The spots on his apron. The fact that he is actually, literally, half my height.  He's awesome!

And so I informed Jeremy that we needed to buy the extremely tall chef.
He looked at me and his eyes said:
How in the hell are we going to get this thing home?
Why do we need a very tall chef?
I know she's going to expect me to carry this thing for the rest of the trip.
Where are we going to put the very tall chef in our child-proofed home?
This is a total waste of money.

And then he shrugged his shoulders and handed me the credit card. He too understood that we needed the very tall chef.

And so we purchased him.  And he was too tall to fit in our suitcase. And I took him out of the box to try to fit him into the suitcase, only to find that he wouldn't fit and then the box fell apart. So we had to hand carry Marcel all the way back home.
Through check in.
Into the TSA security lines.
Hand inspected by the TSA.
Rattled and almost decapitated by the carry on baggage conveyor belt.
Carted through the airport.
Rested under our seats during the flight (he was so tall that he had to sit next to the window seat)
And finally...safely home to reside under the cow artwork in our kitchen.

Feel free to visit Marcel, the very tall chef, anytime.  Maybe he will whip up some cookies for you.  A very wise purchase.


Unknown said...

I love this so much. You have a rather patient husband. My husband would have stayed 100 yards behind me as I walked hand in hand with Marcel through the airport.

Kara Frank said...

Yes, extremely patient...and mildly crazy.