Thursday, December 5, 2013

Citrus Lane

I love getting packages in the mail.

Maybe it reminds me of my years at summer camp where my mom would send me packages filled with fun stuff.  I would sit and eagerly await the mailman. He would stop by the cabin, I would watch and wait, hoping that today would be the day I would get a letter or a package.  My mom sent lots of letters, and often sent packages. Sometimes she would send a stuffed animal, other times it would be a fresh pair of pajamas, sometimes, if I was really lucky, my mom would mail me a Mylar balloon.

The balloon was always my favorite package.

My mom is an identical twin and sometimes my aunt would also send packages to me at camp.  One day the mailman arrived and I had TWO packages in the mail.  I nearly died of excitement.  This was basically the greatest day of my life.  I opened the first box. I vividly remember pulling out a pair of red plaid pajamas shorts and a balloon.
I squealed with excitement.
Pajamas AND a balloon.
This was a good day.
A great day.

And then I remembered that I had another box waiting for me from my aunt and I couldn't contain myself. I ran over to the other box and tore into it as feverishly as I had the first.  I opened the second box and pulled out something that looked awfully familiar....a pair of red plaid pajama shorts. And then a balloon.  The same balloon.  And the same red plaid pajama shorts.

Yes, my mom and aunt had unknowingly both sent me packages at camp, filled with the exact same items. For a moment I thought perhaps this was a joke, but then I realized that no, this was a twin moment.  And they had simply sent me the exact same things because when it comes to certain things in life, their brains are interconnected.

And so I proudly hung my two identical balloons to the post of my bed.  And folded my two pairs of red plaid pajama shorts and put them on my shelf.

Wrote them a letter saying thank you. And letting them know they're weird and interconnected.

And then wondered when I would get my next package.

The point of this story is that I still love getting packages.  And I think it's the residual effects of my life at summer camp.  And so I am obsessed with Stitch Fix.  Personally styled clothes, delivered to my door in an adorable package? SIGN ME UP.

And now, I am obsessed with Citrus Lane.  Citrus Lane delivers monthly boxes with stuff is tailored to your child's age and stage of life.
Last month we received a bunch of fun stuff including a cool tug boat bath toy

Some cool baby utensils....
Reusable snack bags

Anyways...if you're looking for a fun holiday gift for someone with kids, I highly recommend a Citrus Lane subscription.  It's a pretty fun way to try new products and hearken back to the days of being a kid and waiting for the mailman to arrive.  Okay, maybe that was just me.

If you click the link above you can try it for $10 off your first month!

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The Bennetts said...

I absolutely LOVE our Citrus Lane boxes :) And, I'm pretty sure I'm way more excited when they arrive than Madelyn is but oh well eventually that will change :)