Monday, December 9, 2013

Food Food Food

In my long tenure as a parent (1 year, 1 month and 10 days) I have learned one thing.

Your life revolves around food.  And food can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.

I have never in my life thought more about what goes into my body, and my child's body. And often on my body as there is almost always Mollie food somewhere on my clothes.

When we first started feeding Mollie solid foods, she hated them.  She wouldn't take oatmeal. Didn't like the spoon.  Hated all of the first foods (avocado, banana, apples etc...)

She would push the spoon back into our face and scream until we gave her milk.  I thought this kid would drink only milk until she was 18.  Until we discovered hummus.

Yes, my kid loved hummus.  For a solid 2 weeks this was the only food she would eat.  I had carefully researched baby food recipes.  Investigated the healthiest foods to feed your child.  Discovered the best 'brain foods' for babies. And she hated them all.  The kid only wanted hummus.  So, while that wasn't really the plan, we decided to just let her have it.  So we sent her to school with milk....and hummus.

Finally she started branching out beyond the hummus (which was good because her breath was getting a little nasty) but still never ate most of the typical baby foods.  She was thrilled when she could finally pick things up and feed them to herself.

In my opinion, it's not that she ever hated the other foods, I think she just hated that we were feeding them TO her. She wanted to feed them to herself.  Girlie is quite independent.

Fast forward to Mollie at 1 year, 1 month and 10 days old. She's still a weird eater.  She still only likes to eat things that she can feed herself (unless it's which case she loves it so much she will let us feed her).
One day she will love something. (i.e. vegetables, pita, mac and cheese, eggs) and the next day she will throw it in my face.  I'm sure this is totally normal but it is beyond frustrating.

I'm also trying really hard not to influence her food tastes. Unfortunately, her father and I are somewhat picky eaters.  Well Jeremy is far picker than I am, but still, there is a decent list of foods we will not eat (tuna, mayonnaise, tarragon, cold chicken, white sauces, any kind of cold deli salad/pasta salad).

So, in the hopes that she will not hate all of these foods, we are still feeding them to her.  And one by one, it turns out she hates them too.

Anyone have any a great toddler friendly recipe?

So far this is her favorite food of the day - Butternut Squash Souffle Bites.  (Though now that I'm posting it on here she's totally going to start hating them)

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