Tuesday, December 3, 2013


We are currently in the middle of the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah.  This is not one of our more significant holidays, but is another reason to celebrate, and more importantly, eat.

We decided to skip gifts in my family this year and instead we "adopted" a family in need.  We have a lot, and we certainly don't need more, so it seemed most appropriate to help others in need instead of filling our homes with more stuff.  Plus, it's really fun to shop for people.  Especially kids!

But if you really feel like buying us stuff....because ya know, it's the giving season...
Mollie really wants this

Kara really wants this

Jeremy really wants this

Last night I was supposed to have a meeting but it was cancelled so I ran home and decided to make latkes.  It may be a minor holiday. And we may be skipping gifts. But we cannot skip the food people.  That would be criminal.

So we made latkes. And lit the candles. And I attempted to sing, until Jeremy pleaded for me to stop.

And we reminisced about the prior two Hanukkahs in our home.  My how things have changed!
Hannukah 2011

Hannukah 2012

Hannukah 2013

And for your viewing pleasure....a verbal representation of Hannukah 2012.  Let's just say I like 1 year olds a lot more than 6 week old babies.