Monday, December 16, 2013


Every once in a while, a girl needs a makeover.  Hell, every once in a while, a guy needs a makeover too.

You just get to that point where you hate all of your clothes/shoes/makeup/bedding/furniture/food in your refrigerator/socks in your sock drawer.

Yes, sometimes I hate my socks and need new ones.  Okay, it only happened once. But I really did decide that all of my socks were gross and felt the immediate need to throw them all away and buy new ones.  $25 dollars and many new pairs of socks later...I felt like a new woman.

This time, it was makeup.  After having a baby, and nursing said baby for a year, I just didn't look the same anymore.  And I felt like my makeup wasn't working.  And I thought that I looked tired all the time, though I really was not tired.

One day I was feeling like I looked particularly pale-momish-tired if she read my friend Kristin posted about her favorite makeup: Mama & Mou

It was a sign.  The last time I went to a makeup counter, had my makeup done, and bought a whole new regimen of makeup was when I turned 18. My best friend's mom gave me an awesome gift, a makeover at a makeup counter and a gift certificate for a bunch of makeup.  Yep, that was the last time I did this. 12 years ago.  It was time for an overhaul.

So I visited Kristin's friends at Smashbox this weekend and was THRILLED! They did an amazing job, I have all new makeup, I look much less pale-momish-tired, and I feel like a new woman.

Do it.  Give yourself a makeover.  Even if it's a sock makeover.  Because we all know there is truly no better feeling in the world than all new socks. Or makeup.  Or shoes. Or anything.

Take time for yourself.


Unknown said...

Awesome! After Calvin turned my makeup bag upside down in the bathtub AND turned on the water (sigh), I've been meaning to go do this exact same thing. But... you forgot one thing! The cardinal rule of makeovers: before and after pics. (Or maybe we'll just have to have a playdate instead so I can enjoy the effects in person!?) ;o)

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