Monday, December 2, 2013

Pie School

A few Saturdays ago we were getting ready in the morning while the baby napped, and Jeremy was watching the Kare 11 morning news.  He heard them announce a contest.  I love a good contest.  And this is my kind of contest.  You enter via email and the first 25 people receive admission to PILLSBURY PIE SCHOOL!!!!

Oh yes, you heard that right. 

Pie School.

And...we won.

Basically my dream come true.  

Winning a contest. A contest which involves baking.  And a contest where the only requirements your name to XYZ email address. 

Jeremy thinks that the average person who would be interested in this activity likely does not have a smart phone, or a readily accessible iPad or Computer and thus it likely took them a long time to boot up their computer, log into their dial up modem, sign into America Online, type the email address, and enter the contest.

Not this gal.  I screamed...ENTER THE CONTEST, ENTER IT NOW!!!! WE NEED TO GO. 

Screamed at the top of my lungs. 

So we entered the contest.

And got in. 

And I was almost as excited as when I got to see Oprah live.  Almost.

We went to pie school.  And we learned to make pie in the Betty Crocker kitchens.  It was a really cool experience. We are now pie masters.

Keep in mind that I absolutely love to bake.  If love to make things for other people.  I really don't ever want to eat it, I just like to make things for others.  

I find baking to be one of my favorite stress relievers.  Fortunately, working out is my other favorite stress reliever.   My coworkers call it 'stress baking'. They like to find reasons to stress me out so that I will bake for them. 

Well, given the previous description of how much I like to bake, I'll let you guess whose pie is whose below.

Pie #1 - Pumpkin

Pie #2 - Salted Caramel Pecan
See the first pie, with it's wilted, burned crust and it's under filled center?   
And then the second pie, with the perfect crust and lovely filling?

Yea, mine is the first one. 

Turns out the husband is a pie master.  Either that or he is excellent at following instructions and I am terrible at following instructions. He listened intently as they told us how to make the pie.  I looked all around, trying to figure out why Betty Crocker's likenesses look younger and younger as time passes.

Well the pie aficionado has now made a name for himself far and wide. You better put in your pie orders before he becomes famous and sells his pies for hundreds of dollars.  Feel free to email him and put in your order today... 

p.s. the salted caramel pecan pie was amazing and really simple. Here is the recipe


Rachel Rosen said...

I highly, HIGHLY, recommend the Pecan Pie. Amazing!!

Betsy the Baker said...

Oh my goodness, I would have LOVED to have gone to this.

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